Kris Jenner Gave Daughter Kylie a Framed Image of Her DNA: 'This Is What You're Made Of'

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Kris Jenner got one of the most personalized gifts imaginable for her daughter Kylie -- a framed image of her DNA.

Kris presented Kylie with gift on Tuesday in an exchange that Kylie captured on Snapchat.

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"What did you get me?" Kylie asks in the video.

"I got you your DNA," Kris answers. "This is your DNA framed … No one has this. This is who Kylie Jenner is. This is what you're made of."

The gift could possibly be a housewarming present for the 19-year-old reality star's newly purchased $4.5 million Hidden Hills home. In addition to the DNA, Kris also gave Kylie toy spiders and an earring, which might have come from the family's storage unit.

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