EXCLUSIVE: Brad Pitt Doesn't Want His Friends to Badmouth Angelina Jolie: 'He Only Has Positive Things to Say'

A source tells ET that prior to the divorce filing, the 'Allied' actor was hoping he and his wife could 'figure it out.'

Brad Pitt only wants the best for Angelina Jolie.

Following the shocking news that the 41-year-old actress filed for divorce from Pitt after two years of marriage, a source familiar with the situation told ET on Friday that the Allied star is frustrated by the "smear campaign" being lodged against him.

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According to ET's source, Pitt thinks Jolie is a "great mom," and "he only has positive things to say about her as a mother," and he refuses to disparage her.

"He will only say positive things about [the] mother [of his children]," the source added. "He has also made it clear to friends to not say anything negative about her. He continues to hope that there is an amicable resolution in the interest of the kids."

Pitt found out his wife wanted a divorce one or two days prior to her filing the dissolution of marriage, according to the source, adding that he was hoping to work things through, and was willing to "figure it out together" in order to resolve their differences.

"They are a pretty normal family that has family issues from time to time," the source said. "It’s sad that people are exaggerating things that hurt everyone."

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"People have verbal arguments -- that’s what happens when you have a family," our source continued, emphasizing, "both are really good parents and both really care about the kids."

In the divorce filing, Jolie has asked for full custody of their six kids – Maddox, 15, Shiloh, 10, Pax, 12, Zahara, 11, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 8. The same source tells ET, however, that Pitt wants to be with his kids and have some custody.

It seems the split was prompted, at least in part, by an alleged incident that happened on a family flight home from Europe last Wednesday. Despite reports that the altercation was between Pitt and Jolie, our source confirms it was a "normal" tiff between the 52-year-old actor and Maddox.

"There was no inappropriate physical contact. Nothing inappropriate happened," the source explained, also telling ET that this was “totally a child-parent disagreement" and any reports of inappropriate physical conduct are "exaggerated or untrue."

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Sources tell ET that there are images being shopped around of Pitt on the tarmac at the Falls International Airport in Minnesota, where their jet stopped to refuel. Pitt can allegedly be seen in the video "looking drunk" and "yelling." ET has reached out to confirm the authenticity of this video.

Airport manager Thor Einarson tells us that the U.S. Privacy Act prohibits airport staff from disclosing any information about people using the airport.

"The Falls International Airport values the privacy of our customers," Einarson told ET in a statement. "So our only comment on the event that allegedly occurred recently is to say that in the last 10 days, there have been no incidents, accidents or out-of-the-ordinary events."

On Tuesday, another source told ET "Brad has traditional parenting skills."

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"He thinks the kids need structure [like] bed times, consistent schooling," the source revealed. "Angelina's parenting style is much more freeform. She's not into setting boundaries."

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