EXCLUSIVE: Ariana Grande Reveals Her Ideal Date Night -- and It Involves Pokemon

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Ariana Grande
is pretty much the chillest date ever.

The 23-year-old pop star reveals her ideal date night in a new interview with ET, and her answer might surprise you.

"Chill, I don't know," she told ET's Nischelle Turner on Friday while promoting her new fragrance, Sweet Like Candy. "Like, random adventures. Going on drives, looking for Pokemon, going to cute movies, making music."

Well, you know what they say about couples that play Pokemon Go together!

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Grande hasn't been shy about showing off her adorable PDA with boyfriend Mac Miller on Instagram. The pair reconnected after working together on her latest single, "My Favorite Part," after first teaming up for her breakthrough single, "The Way," back in 2013.

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In the spirit of their new song, ET asked Grande to share her "favorite part" about being in love.

"Every day is super exciting," she gushed. "Just waking up and being like, hell yeah! Do you know what I mean? It's great."

Though Grande has been notably tight-lipped about her latest romance in recent interviews, the singer told us that she understands the public's fascination with her love life -- and reveals that she's finally come to grips with it.

"I can't really go anywhere [or] do anything now without people seeing and knowing," she said. "So, it's like, I just need to be OK and just be like, 'Hey, that's OK.' If that's what comes with me doing what I love and people hearing my music and responding, then that's OK."

Grande's new scent may be sweet and seductive, but her advice for girls who want to be seductively flirtatious is decidedly simple. "Do you," she advised. "Do whatever you want, whatever feels natural. Be yourself!"

While she's busy shilling perfume and gearing up for her Dangerous Woman tour, kicking off Feb. 2 with tickets on sale Saturday, she's also rehearsing for NBC's Dec. 7 telecast of Hairspray Live!

"It's a lot, but I'm very grateful to be doing what I love and also getting to do these special things," she said. "Doing Hairspray is my sole dream come true. Like, I'm so fulfilled. I'm so excited."

"I think it's a really strong message that we need right now," she added. "It's such a crazy time to be doing that show. ... With everything that's going on in the world -- the intolerance, the ignorance, the hate and ridiculousness -- it's just so crazy how this takes place in the '60s and, like, we're still working on all that. It's playful, but also very necessary."

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