Mandy Moore Reveals the Origin of Her NSFW Tattoo

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The actress and singer has quite the ink on her left foot!

Mandy Moore’s early career as a pop singer painted her as a wholesome girl next door, sweet as the “Candy” in her hit single, but it turns out, those days in the music biz lead to her getting a pretty risque tattoo!

“About ten years ago, I was on tour with my band...when you go city to city you’re on a bus, but you get a day room [in a hotel],” Moore recalled on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Monday. “I was the only girl, so I had my own room to shower and all the guys in my band shared a room.”

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“Their one rule was nobody was allowed to do...that thing in the shower,” she continued, hinting around it, before Meyers assured her, “You can say masturbate.”

“It became this big joke, because one of my band members was like, ‘I don’t want babies on my feet,’” Moore explained. “And so we created a song called ‘Babies on My Feet’ that we sang on stage every night. No one had any idea what we were talking about.”

“And to commemorate the tour, we all got babies on our feet,” the actress and singer revealed, showing off the tiny sperm she has tattooed on her left foot.

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Moore recalled a few times -- mostly during pedicures -- when she has been confronted about her NSFW tat, but perhaps no time was more embarrassing than when her stunt double in the horror-thriller 47 Meters Down had to be branded with the same ink.

“That moment when you realize the silly joke tattoo you got with your band 8 years ago means that your sweet stunt double has to have it drawn on too..... #sorryzoe #babiesonmyfeet #alsofeetaregross,” Moore captioned an Instagram pic last June.

That will be quite the tattoo to explain to her future children! Check out the video below to find out why Moore’s role in NBC’s new heartfelt drama, This Is Us, has set her biological clock ticking.

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