Rob Kardashian Apologizes to Kylie Jenner for Cell Phone Drama While He and Blac Chyna Deny Split

Rob and Chyna are putting the breakup rumors to bed... literally!

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are putting the breakup rumors to bed... literally!

"Chyna's in bed with me," Rob said while calling into On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Friday.

"OK, so? There we go?" Chyna added.

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Well, that certainly makes a statement!

During the phone chat, the Rob & Chyna stars jointly addressed recent rumors that they've split, saying, "We've been together the whole time."

"It's been a bumpy road, but a great road," Rob shared. "We're about to have a baby and we're definitely not split up."

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Speaking of the baby, the couple revealed that they have indeed chosen their child's name, though they would not reveal what it is!

"I guarantee you, none of y'all will guess it," Rob teased. "It does not start with a 'K.'"

Meanwhile, Rob also took a moment to apologize to his sister, Kylie Jenner, while explaining all the family baby shower drama that took place on Twitter this week, that culminated with Rob publicly tweeting her phone number.

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"I thought they weren't having Chyna at our baby shower, Chyna's baby shower is actually this Sunday," the 29-year-old said. "But they were trying to do a little surprise 'guy' baby shower for me."

"I took it the wrong way," Rob confessed. "I probably shouldn't have went on Twitter but I did."

"I kinda just took all my anger out on Kylie and my family," he added. "I was just being petty and posted her number."

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Rob added that these kinds of miscommunications are common in a family as big as his, and that everyone had moved past it, though he did add, "She definitely blocked me, and she didn't give me her new number."

"I'm sorry, Kylie, if you're listening," Rob apologized. "I love you!"

Listen to the entire call below.

Way to own up, Rob!

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It's good that things appear to be on the mend with Rob and Chyna after their dramatic week. On Thursday, a source told ET, "Their relationship is not in a good place right now but they are working on it," adding that the chances of their reconciliation is "pretty high."

Then on Wednesday, the reality star Snapchatted several photos of himself in bed with his pregnant fiancee.

Watch the video below for more.