Heidi Montag Is Hoping to Have a Baby 'Next Year,' Prayed to Get Spencer Pratt to 'Agree to Have a Kid'

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The 30-year-old reality star says getting pregnant is her 'main priority.'

If Heidi Montag gets her wish, there might soon be a little Speidi running around!

The former Hills star opened up on life after reality TV in an interview with Faithwire on Friday, and while she shared that she’s ready to have a baby, her husband, Spencer Pratt, hasn’t exactly warmed up to the idea.

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"I am writing a coffee table wife type of book, it's more like a fun project, something that I enjoy doing, and then I am getting ready to be a mom hopefully next year," Montag nonchalantly revealed. "So that is going to be my main priority and full-time job."

"I had to pray to get my husband to even agree to have a kid, and so this whole journey over the last few years, I have had to do," she confessed.

"It is not so easy. Not everyone can just have kids whenever they want," Montag explained, alluding to fertility issues or that she and Pratt just haven't agreed on starting a family. "There is a lot of hardship and prayers and certain things you have to put into that."

Montag also reflected on how her faith has helped her through the years since The Hills.

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"I just got a little carried away with it," she said of the free plastic surgeries and other offers that came with becoming MTV's biggest reality villain.

"I started to get insecure about my look and comparing it to other people, so the two combined, just got a little too carried away," she explained. "The second round of surgeries, it was such a quick decision, and I just had so much going on, I didn't fully think it through."

However, the 30-year-old says she doesn't have any regrets.

"Growing up in front of people, you make mistakes," she conceded. "I definitely made my fair [share] of mistakes, but I am thankful for the experience, and it was a really great opportunity to grow and learn."

"I'm really thankful I had such a public fall and I spent all my money and everything, because it made me remember what I care about, and what is important to me, and to rebuild," Montag concluded. "[And] I definitely don't regret where I am now."

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The "Body Language" singer expressed similar sentiments when ET caught up with her in May, in honor of The Hills’ 10-year anniversary.

See what Montag had to say in the video below.