Kylie Jenner Gushes Over 'So Funny' Boyfriend Tyga, Talks Babies in Impromptu Snapchat Q&A

The 19-year-old reality star talked about everything from her hilarious beau to her newly blonde 'do.

Is Kylie Jenner ready for babies with Tyga?

The 19-year-old reality star gushed over her boyfriend, Tyga, future children, adorable dogs, and more during a late night Snapchat Q&A Saturday night.

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Jenner kicked off the questions by talking about her pups.

"Someone asked when did you get your first dog Norman," Jenner said, responding to a fan question using the dog filter, which she kept up for most of the chat. "He was a Christmas gift from Tyga. I've always loved Greyhounds."

The impromptu session with Jenner's fans was apparently prompted by her friends ditching their evening plans. Tyga came to her rescue with some hilarious memes that made their way into the Q&A, revealing his sense of humor.

"I'm dying!" Jenner giggled. "That's why I love Tyga -- he always makes me feel better. He just sent me the funniest seems because my friends cancelled on me."

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"He's so funny," Jenner continued. "I'm going to post the meme he just sent me right now."

The funny meme ended up being of a man sitting alone in a boat with a caption reading, "When the whole squad cancels but you're [sic] strong, independent young person who don’t need no friends."

The topic of babies also came up, with Jenner revealing that she does want to be a mom -- some day.

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"I'm getting a lot of questions about kids," she said. "How many kids do I want, do I want kids? I do want kids -- but not now."

Over the course of the very long Q&A, the Kylie Lip Kid creator also touched upon her new hair color, explaining that it had actually been in the works for a while, which is why she hadn't dyed her hair in a year.

Not only that, but she spoke about her new Kylie Cosmetics eyeshadow palettes and dealing with fake stories about herself, noting that though she's "vocal" when it in her private life, she doesn’t feel the need to respond to every false story about herself.

"It's just like not really worth my time because you're not gonna please everybody," she explained. "But, yeah, I kind of just like talk it out to my friends. They know what's true."

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She mused on the situation again a little later, sharing some life advice with her fans. "To continue the question before, you will kill yourself trying to please everybody," she said. "It will never happen. And once you accept that, you're chilling."

Despite all that, Jenner admitted that she doesn't mind seeing memes of herself and her family on the internet. "Honestly, I think they're kind of funny," Jenner admitted. "I actually laugh!"

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