Mets Rookies Channel 'A League of Their Own,' Get Veteran Players Coffee


The New York Mets were in A League of Their Own for their annual rookie dress-up day.

Before facing the Philadelphia Phillies on Saturday, the baseball team's rookies wore dresses and wigs inspired by the classic 1992 film.

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"Really nice of the rookies to get up early this morning and get coffee for the vets," the Mets Twitter account posted on Saturday.

The team also tweeted a video of the players carrying out their errands.

Those dressed up as Racine Belles procured coffee, while those in Rockford Peaches uniforms picked up donuts.

The team might want to turn this practice into a game day tradition, considering the results. Hours later, the Mets beat the Phillies 5-3 to clinch a wild-card spot.