Lena Dunham Defends Kim Kardashian Following Paris Robbery: 'That's a Human Being!'

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The 'Girls' star appears on a recent Power 105 interview with 'The Breakfast Club.'

Lena Dunham believes people should put themselves in Kim Kardashian West's shoes.

The Girls star is speaking in defense of Kardashian West in the wake of the reality star being robbed at gunpoint in Paris on Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club, where she calls what happened to her "so awful," and slams those making jokes at the mother of two's expense.

"What I really hate about this Kim thing is that people are feeling so much license to make jokes," the 30-year-old actress says. "That's a human being."

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"You may not agree with everything she does, but that's a woman and a mother and a daughter who just went through something so heinous," she adds. "So, my heart is with Kim."

While on the program, Dunham also takes a moment to address her widely criticized Lenny Letter comments about football player O'Dell Beckham Jr., for which she later apologized.

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"It was a great lesson to me in how your humor can be misconstrued," Dunham admits, explaining that the remarks she made were meant to be more self-deprecating. "In the written word, it did not translate."

"It seemed like I was accusing him of some kind of misogyny," she continues, adding that she also inadvertently perpetuated negative stereotypes.

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"Especially at this moment in history, we have to be hyper-vigilant about the way that we depict each other," she says. "I apologized immediately, I apologized to him privately."

"If your joke didn't translate, it means your joke wasn't funny," Dunham concludes. "As a comedian and a writer, you have to own up to that."

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Watch the video below to see more of Dunham's interview.

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Watch the video below.