Lady Gaga Reveals Her Favorite Super Bowl Performances and What She Wants to Bring to Her Own Halftime Show

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Mother Monster stopped by Radio Disney on Monday to talk about the big show.

Lady Gaga is just four months away from her Super Bowl halftime debut!

As the 30-year-old singer prepares for the big show, she recently revealed some of her favorite Super Bowl performances, and what she wants viewers to take away from her Super Bowl LI halftime show.

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And it's no surprise that Gaga's favorite performers include some of the music greats.

"Michael Jackson was incredible," she told Radio Disney on Monday of Jackson’s 1993 halftime show. “I also loved Diana Ross. To be honest, I loved all of the halftime shows. Bruce Springsteen…my father was a big fan…I really loved his halftime show, too."

For her own performance, Gaga hopes that viewers will feel the "patriotism of the event."

"I want every guy's girlfriend in his arms," she envisioned. "I want every husband and wife kissing…every kid laughing. In my mind, they're having this really powerful family experience watching the Super Bowl."

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Mother Monster also gabbed about her new single "Perfect Illusion," and her forthcoming LP, Joanne. The album is a tribute to her father’s sister who passed way when he was "very young."

"My father survived that…because of that I'm tough," explained Gaga. "If I could bring her back, Joanne, I would. Joanne's making a comeback, through me!"

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Besides the Super Bowl and a new album, Gaga is also getting excited to celebrate Halloween later this month. The holiday gives her a chance to be a "normal person" for a night.

"For me it's a great time to go out, because people don't know who I am," she shared. "I can go out and have some fun and just be a normal person."

As for her favorite costume? Of all the awesome looks she's worn over the years, Gaga doesn't mind keeping it simple on Halloween.

"You just take your bed sheet and poke two holes for eyes and you can be a ghost," she said. "It's classic and you can't see me."

Check out Gaga's full interview on Radio Disney this Friday!

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