EXCLUSIVE: Prince's Sister Tyka Nelson Gives Update on Late Singer's Will: 'We're Finally On The Last Leg'

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Prince's family continues to pick up the pieces after the singer's sudden death earlier this year.

ET caught up with the musical icon’s younger sister, Tyka Nelson, for a first look at Paisley Park, where she opened up about the fate of Prince's nearly $300 million estate.

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"I think we're now finally on the last leg," Nelson told ET's Kevin Frazier, when asked about Prince's will. The singer's estate is currently being managed by a trust company appointed by the court, after it was revealed that Prince did not have a will. To make things more complicated, numerous people came forward, claiming to be related to Prince and, therefore, heir to his fortune.

"We're finally through the 195,000 people that said they're related," Nelson said. "We've got one of the employees that was a half-brother of some of my half siblings, once we work that part out, I think we're there. So, I'll be happy."

Nelson also revealed that she and her half siblings meet peacefully every week, which has united the family more than ever. "I think people want to think we're fighting," she said. "So, I make jokes about it and I'm like…'What are we fighting about today?'"

She's also looking forward to the opening of "Purple Rain" singer's Paisley Park compound in Minnesota, which will opens its doors to the public as a museum on Oct. 6 for a limited time before its official opening in December.

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According to Nelson, the museum will give fans a chance to get a much more intimate look at the life of the revered artist.

"When you normally see Prince up on stage, it's a distance. This is up close," she explained. "When you start to see the different eras in his life, you'll go, I remember where I was when that song came on. You'll hear the music, you'll smell the smells, and you'll experience Prince up close and personal."

Prince's unreleased music, currently in the vault at Paisley Park, will also be shared with fans.

"We're going to pull it up and we're going to remix it and we're going to get it out!" she said, adding that efforts to release the unheard tracks would be made "as soon as possible."

For more on Prince's legacy and to see the rest of Paisley Park, watch the video below.

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