Kim Kardashian Robbery Investigation Continues: Police Obtain Security Camera Footage, Concierge Details Emerg

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Days after Kim Kardashian West's terrifying robbery at gunpoint in Paris, France, authorities are still trying to find the thieves, and a source tells ET that they have the reality star's full cooperation.

While the mother of two left Paris on a private plane just hours after last Sunday's incident, a source tells ET that Kardashian West has been in touch with French Police, giving them an extensive interview on Tuesday, where she "talked a lot about a key witness in the heist": the hotel concierge.

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On Monday, another source revealed to ET that it was the concierge who allowed the intruders into Kardashian West's resident, walking them into the apartment "with a gun to his head."

"Kim told police that the concierge was present -- and handcuffed -- for the entire incident, and she actually talked to him during the ordeal, asking him if they were going to die, to which he calmly responded he didn't know," the source revealed of the 35-year-old reality star's phone call with police on Tuesday.

Though Kardashian West and the concierge survived the scary experience physically unharmed, the thieves were able to escape with a reported $11.2 million worth of Kardashian West's jewelry.

Also on Tuesday, police seemed to have obtained surveillance video of the robbers around the scene of the crime.

Nina Ritcher, an American traveling in Paris, tells ET that authorities collected security camera footage from a nearby nail salon called Bel Ange.

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"I was actually getting my nails done in the salon when an Australian reporter came into the salon asking about the incident. I speak French so I acted as a translator between the reporter and the owner of the salon. The owner of the salon said that police came in earlier Tuesday morning and took her surveillance video," she explains, adding that police said they could see men running through the salon's outside area on the video, and believed these men to be Kardashian West's robbers.

While those surrounding Kardashian West are still reeling from Sunday night's robbery, according to Ritcher, everything is pretty much business as usual back in Paris.

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"Everyone in the area is going about their daily life. Everyone knew Kim frequented the area. The feeling is that it's clear whoever did this knew what they were doing," Richter says. "This is a busy area for foot traffic. It's Fashion Week, tons of people around. However, everyone knows on Sundays most things are quiet or closed in Paris. This happened at 3 a.m. Nobody would have seen anything."

Though the event may not have spooked locals, sources told ET that Kardashian West and her husband, Kanye West, are "reassessing their security detail" and keeping up their guard -- which includes canceling upcoming scheduled appearances.

After West rescheduled tour dates on Monday, Kardashian West canceled a makeup class appearance in Dubai scheduled for Oct. 14.

"On behalf of myself and Kim Kardashian West, please accept our apologies. We are sorry to inform you that due to the recent events, we will be rescheduling the Dubai Masterclass with Kim Kardashian West," her makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, wrote on Instagram. "We deeply and sincerely apologize from the bottom of our hearts. We truly hope you all understand the decision we had to make and look forward to our upcoming class."

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See more on Kardashian West's robbery in the video below.