Drake Suffers Ankle Injury, Postpones Summer Sixteen Tour Dates

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Despite a nagging ankle injury, Drake has been able to perform almost nightly for his Summer Sixteen Tour, until now.

In a message posted to his blog on Wednesday, the 29-year-old rapper explained that he is postponing upcoming shows in Toronto, Philadelphia and Newark in order to give his ankle time to heal.

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"We are over 50 shows in and I have done everything to power through my recent ankle injury and leave it all out there on the stage every night," Drake wrote. "I hate to be told I can't do something, but under doctor's orders to allow me time to recuperate, I am being forced to postpone the intense three shows in a row in cities which have only ever shown my unconditional support.

"Toronto (my hometown) and Philadelphia (a city that was one of the loudest and showed so much love) are two of the intense three in a row show cycle that will be postponed. I was asked to postpone both Newark shows, but I have yet to perform there and so we compromised at one.

"I am crushed to even be typing this announcement because I feel like I am letting my fans in these cities down. I only want to give you the best show you deserve, I promise -- I will make it up to you. Thank you for your understanding and I can't wait to see you all again with new music and a stronger ankle."

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This announcement comes following Drake's tour stop to Des Moines, Iowa, on Tuesday, where he visited Drake University. The special visit was the culmination of a years-long #BringDraketoDrake campaign by the student body.

"Iowa, I will be back every tour," Drake posted to Instagram along with a photo of himself on stage in a Drake University varsity jacket.