Taylor Lautner Flashes His Abs, Gets Soaked in Charity Game on 'Ellen'


Taylor Lautner
has become known for his sexy, toned body, thanks to his many shirtless Twilight scenes. On Wednesday, the Scream Queens star, 24, appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he opened up about fans’ crazy reactions to his chiseled abs.

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Recalling a past visit to Ellen when a Twilight fan freely petted his stomach, he said, “I guess because they watched it on screen they feel like it’s theirs. It’s so strange, they don’t even ask. They just reach over and start touching me as I’m talking to them.”

The comical host then reached over to rub Lautner’s stomach, grinning at the audience and giving her nod of approval.

DeGeneres also tried to give her viewers something nice to look at when she convinced Lautner to participate in a game to raise money for breast cancer research. As he took off his jacket for the game “Oops! My Water Broke,” DeGeneres shouted, “You should take your shirt off!”

“I’m shy, Ellen!” he insisted.

Naturally, the hunky star began lifting up his shirt, exposing his six pack to the roaring crowd, but sadly kept it on for the game.

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Lautner had to sit in a chair as water balloons slowly dropped from above, soaking him. Watch the clip now to see what happens!

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