Lady Gaga Debuts 3 New 'Joanne' Tracks, Previews 'Family'-Inspired Album

42 West

"These are stories about my family, my sister, my father and his sister. My mom's family. My relationships with men, my failures."

Lady Gaga is giving fans a sneak peek of her new album!

The "Perfect Illusion" singer debuted three new tracks off her upcoming LP, Joanne, during the first stop on her Dive Bar Tour at The 5 Spot in Nashville, Tennessee. Luckily for fans who couldn't score tickets, the event was streamed on Facebook Live.

Among the tracks performed on Wednesday were the never-before-heard "Sinner's Prayer," "A-Yo," and "Million Reasons," which Gaga sang alongside songwriter Hillary Lindsay. See the show in the player below. (Gaga hits the stage about 28 minutes in.)

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But that wasn't Gaga's only set of the night. According to Rolling Stone, the 30-year-old pop star put on a second, impromptu show for some of her most devoted little monsters who waited outside the bar late into the night. She later played additional tracks for the publication inside her trailer -- including the album's title track and "Grigio Girls," which, according to Rolling Stone, features "a lyrical shout-out to the Spice Girls." 

"These are stories about my family, my sister, my father and his sister. My mom's family. My relationships with men, my failures," she said of the album. Asked whether she'd describe the project as Americana, Gaga elaborated further on her influences.

"I wouldn't necessarily say it's Americana," she said. "There is a lot of other influences in the album that are British, and there's a lot of international influence on other songs, that you haven't heard yet on the record. But there is an American element -- a pride. In what we love about America. Things that have lasted a long time. Classics in America."

Speaking specifically about her collaboration with Lindsay, a ballad, Gaga admitted to being particularly moved by one of her early hits with Carrie Underwood.

"I'm probably one of [Lindsay's] biggest fans as a songwriter. I think she is amazing. It's only so many times in your life that you hear a song that really changes things for you," she explained. "When I heard 'Jesus, Take the Wheel,' I was like, OK. Some people look at it as a song written for an American Idol, Carrie Underwood, who is wonderful. But when you're a songwriter listening to a song, you hear something else. I heard that song and wow."

Gaga stuck to her guns when asked about her upcoming Super Bowl halftime performance, refusing to divulge any details. However, it seems safe to say that she'll deliver on the supersized scale we've come to know and love her for. 

"Maybe I have something small planned. Maybe I'll just do a lemonade stand," she teased. "That would really upset people though -- I won't do that, don't worry."

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