EXCLUSIVE: The Elevator Where Prince Died at Paisley Park Has Been Boarded Up -- What Now Covers It

ET's Kevin Frazier candidly describes his emotional tour of the late music legend's Minnesota home.

The story of Prince is beautifully told through his Paisley Park home.

ET's Kevin Frazier sat down on Facebook Live to describe his emotional tour through the late music legend's estate in Chanhassen, Minnesota, which is getting ready to be open to the public.

One part of the home that will not be on the tour, however, is the elevator where Prince was found dead at age 57 this past April.

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"While we were there, they were actually boarding up the elevator," Frazier shared, noting that when he witnessed the place where the iconic musician died, "It hurt my heart."

And while visitors will not be shown the elevator, Frazier did see what they've put up in front of the entrance.

"When you go on the tour ... look for a poster that has all the tickets from the Musicology tour," he said. "That poster covers the opening to the elevator."

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"And then right around the corner," Frazier continued, "that's where the other side of the opening to the elevator was."

"In a sense, it hurt my heart because I am such a Prince fan, and I knew him," he explained, sharing that, ultimately, "I'm glad that they're closing it off."

Meanwhile, the lion's share of the tour exists to be a celebration of Prince's life, from the Purple Rain room, which features "a script from the movie, the Oscar that Prince won for Purple Rain, and also that guitar... That iconic guitar," Frazier revealed.

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Not to mention, a piano that Prince loved to stand on and dance.

"The first thing you'll notice, the purple leather on the piano is scratched, because Prince would dance on the piano so much," Frazier said.

"Playing inside the Purple Rain room is a constant loop of the movie," he added. "A seven-minute loop of some of the music from Purple Rain."

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Elsewhere, you'll find the studio where Prince recorded his music.

"He would go in there all hours of the night," said Frazier. "He would dream up and write this beautiful music, and then he would leave the stuff for the engineers in the day."

"For me, going into that studio was kinda like walking into the Holy Grail," he added.

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Meanwhile, though Prince's death shocked the world, his sister, Tyka Nelson, recently told ET that she expected it and had been "preparing for two years."

"He said it a couple of years ago: 'I've done everything that I've come to do,'" she remembered. "I was crushed for about two years."

Watch the video below for more of what she had to say.