EXCLUSIVE: Sharon Osbourne's 'The Talk' Co-Hosts React to Ozzy's Stunning Birthday Surprise

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Happy birthday to Sharon Osbourne!

The Talk
co-host received one heck of a surprise while filming this Friday's episode, when her husband, Ozzy, came out to greet her with a big smooch, a bouquet of flowers and a diamond ring!

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"Ozzy surprised Sharon with a wedding band…it's like a band that’s made of diamonds all the way around," Osbourne's co-host Julie Chen gushed to ET after the show. "Oh my gosh. I have to go to the eye doctor after the ring, because it was like, you know when you look into the sun and it's too bright."

"He cuffed her. He cuffed her with that ice. He did his thing," Sheryl Underwood added. "I was really amazed. It really made me cry."

While the couple has certainly had their ups and downs over the past year -- they temporarily split in May following Ozzy's affair with celebrity hairstylist Michelle Pugh, and Sharon subsequently took a month off from The Talk to recover from the cheating bombshell -- they looked completely in love during Friday's show.

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"They were making out like we weren't even here," Underwood confessed of how Sharon reacted to the sweet surprise.

"It was really wild, but it was great to see people that love each other," she continued. "I think everybody needs to pay attention to the fact that whatever you go through in your relationship, whatever you go through in your marriage, as long as you stick it out together, you'll have that same type of happy ending."

"I think Sharon was so touched. The bottom line is that you can't picture Sharon without Ozzy and Ozzy without Sharon," Chen said.

As for how Sharon and Ozzy are doing now, the co-hosts say Sharon and Ozzy are taking it "one day at a time," but that "the two of them together make an amazing team."

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