Sarah Jessica Parker Has a Crazy 'Sex and the City' Theory About Carrie Bradshaw's Gal Pals

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Is she for real?

Sarah Jessica Parker is dropping quite a bombshell on diehard Sex and the City fans.

While chatting with Chris Hardwick on his Nerdist podcast, the 51-year-old actress offers up a theory in regard to her SATC character Carrie Bradshaw's gaggle of gal pals.

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"I used to wonder if Samantha [Jones], Charlotte [York Goldenblatt] and Miranda [Hobbes] were real," Parker shares.

In the beloved series, Carrie is a writer and sex and relationships columnist for the fictional newspaper, The New York Star. Parker thinks maybe these three women were just figments of her literary imagination. "It wasn't just her column, because they're such perfectly archetypal characters," she continues. "So you're writing a column about sexual politics and observations of female/male primarily, heterosexual relationships, so you're picking one type."

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Through the course of her conversation with Hardwick, it's clear that Parker has really thought about this theory. "You're saying 'this type is this and this,' and then you complicate it more, like any good writer does," she adds. "So, I'm not entirely sure they are real."

Parker even offers reasons as to why Carrie would have these "literary conceits."

"She is among them because that's her way of infiltrating story and affecting story too," she explains. "To have her own actions affect those friendships and document their response."

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The theory isn't so far-fetched, seeing as Carrie does narrate the series and the women's storylines do seem to fall in line with the character's weekly column quite nicely.

Parker has been busy promoting her new HBO series, Divorce, and has inevitably been asked on several occasions if she and her co-stars -- Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis -- will be returning to the big screen for a third SATC movie.

"I don't think anybody would be opposed to any idea if it felt right for the part and if the actor felt like they wanted to do it," she told ET. Parker added that she would "entertain any of those ideas" that involved her SATC co-stars appearing on her new show.

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