Rob Kardashian Calls Blac Chyna a 'Psycho' During Argument Over Waffle Fries

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Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have quite the food fight in one of the latest promo clips for Sunday's Rob and Chyna episode.

After picking up some fast food, Rob's waffle fries accidentally fall, leading the couple to get into yet another heated argument. "You gotta choose one, the food or your phone, either or," the 29-year-old reality star instructs his pregnant fiancee, who's in the passenger seat. "Either or, what's more important?"

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Chyna does not appreciate this suggestion, biting back, "These are my fries, those are your fries."

Rob then eggs Chyna on by asking if she's "gonna help out," and pick up the fallen food. "Didn't you just see I'm about to go down?" Chyna exclaims. "I didn't see that s**t falling. God, you gotta relax."

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"Why are you yelling, you psycho?" Rob responds. "What's wrong with you?"

In her confessional, Chyna explains why the bickering over fries escalated so quickly. "Rob just likes to pick with me. He loves to, like, see me get hot," the 28-year-old model says. "I'm just sick and tired of him, like, playing me."

Another clip from Sunday's episode was also released and shows the couple in a disagreement once again when Chyna advises Rob not to start another business until he gets everything else in order. "Rob needs to continue working on his health, his fitness, his sock business," Chyna touts. "So, for him to try to go get a big, brand new house, and to start a new business is a little bit bizarre to me."

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Earlier this week, Rob and Chyna viewers got another look at the couple's huge argument in the car that led to Chyna yelling, "Let me the f**k out!"

Check out one of their many tense moments: