EXCLUSIVE: Lauren Jauregui Taking a Break From Twitter, Opens Up About Online Bullying: 'It Mind-Boggles Me'

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Lauren Jauregui has had enough.

The 20-year-old Fifth Harmony singer announced on Wednesday that she's "taking a break from this sh**t," and going to try to stay away from the Twitter madness for a while.

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It all started when Jauregui tweeted about presidential candidate Jill Stein, which Jauregui's followers didn't take to kindly to, accusing her of taking votes away from Hillary Clinton in what could be a close election.

"Lol f**k this," she wrote after revealing she'll actually be voting for Clinton come November. "I am definitely with Her for the sake of not having Him in the White House, however, my point was to shed light on things purposefully muted."

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Jauregui's clarification didn't appear to settle the storm, however, as she quickly followed up with more tweets. "Some of you are so mean damn.. like yeah, I didn't know about Jill… and I shared it with people and then like all of this crazy sh*t happened," she wrote.

"I'm taking a break from this sh*t," she continued. "Y'all can have your fun and make whatever assumptions about my character you want."

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"I wait for the day this sh*t doesn't affect me as much as it does, goodnight," she concluded.

ET recently caught up with the "Worth It" singer, where she opened up about the online criticism she and her bandmates often face, touching on Normani Kordei's recent Twitter hiatus after being racially cyberbullied.

"I feel like a lot of people disregard the scrutiny that people like us are under," Jauregui shared.

"We're not all thin, model types, and we're not all perfectly colored," she emphasized. "It mind-boggles me that somebody would take time out of their life to make someone feel inferior because of something like that. That to me, is insane."

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According to the former X Factor star, trying not to let the criticism affect them is something that she and her bandmates all struggle with, often leaning on each other for support.

"You can't help it as a human being when you're put under so much scrutiny, by multiple people, not even just one person in real life, telling you something. It harms you," she confessed. "We try to sit with each other and lift each other up, and these people who are telling you things, these people are all behind their computers who are envious of what you have, and the abilities that you have."

It's clearly all about girl power for Fifth Harmony, who coincidentally released the female power anthem "That's My Girl" last month.

"We've all been in that stage where we all need each other -- to be bigger, to be better and to work together," Jauregi told ET. "That girl power is so special to be teaching young girls, and we're honored to be a part of [it] because it's something that I feel like [is] lacking [right now]."

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