Gavin Rossdale Wants to 'Move On' From Gwen Stefani Divorce: 'It's, Like, Enough Already'

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It's onward and upwards for Gavin Rossdale.

In a rare interview with U.K.'s Sunday Times, the Bush frontman says he's more than ready to put his divorce from Gwen Stefani behind him. "It's, like, enough already. I've got to move on," he says. "Everyone has got to move on."

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As for how he's coping since his split, Rossdale adds, "Somehow you have to put one foot after the other and make it happen."

The 50-year-old rocker admits that the media scrutiny surrounding him and Stefani amid their divorce was "pretty intense." The breakup news led to claims that Rossdale had been unfaithful in his marriage and had an alleged affair with the nanny of the couple's four children.

"But, you know, for me, it’s just thinking about the boys and how to prioritize them," he explains. "I have an incredible life with them, and that’s what matters. You can’t keep up with all the vitriol. Just don’t get into all that."

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Rossdale -- who will be a mentor on The Voice U.K.-- says the hope is that his children learn from their dad's mistakes. "[They're the] better versions of me. I’m going to try and take all the things I’ve ever done wrong and keep them away from that."

Meanwhile, Stefani has moved on with boyfriend Blake Shelton and spoke exclusively to ET about what it was like to collaborate with her new flame on the song "Go Ahead and Break My Heart."

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"Anytime I've ever collaborated with anyone, it's always my favorite," the 47-year-old singer shared. "But to do something with him -- because he's so talented and comes from such a different world -- to make music together, it was just so shocking! So amazing to do it live and share it with everybody."

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