Matt Damon's Dad Wishes Son a Happy Birthday With Donald Trump Joke -- See the Text

The Damon men will not be voting for the presidential hopeful.

Matt Damon celebrated his 46th birthday on Saturday at the 2016 New York Comic-Con, and revealed that his father's gift to him came in the form of a political joke.

The Great Wall star read a text aloud that his dad, Kent Damon, sent to him ahead of Sunday night's presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. "My birthday present to you is that in exactly one month, we can kiss Trump goodbye," Damon read. "If he did get elected, Mexico would have to put up that wall to keep him out!"

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This isn't the first time Damon has shared political views in regard to this year's election. During his commencement speech at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in June, the A-list actor called out the "American political system that's failing."

The Good Will Hunting star also shared some advice he received from former president Bill Clinton. "A natural response is to tune out and turn away, but before you step out into our big troubled world, I want to give some advice that Bill Clinton gave me almost a decade ago," he said. "What he said was, 'Turn towards the problem you see, you have to engage.'"

"That is what I want to tell you today, is to turn towards the problem that you see and engage with them -- walk right up and look them in the eye, and look yourself in the eye and decide what you want to do about them," Damon continued.

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A slew of celebrities started tweeting during Sunday night's town hall debate, where Trump faced off against Clinton. Here's a look at how the stars weighed in regarding the candidates' comments: