Jon Hamm Opens Up About Rehab and If He'll Ever Have Kids

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Jon Hamm isn't afraid to face his flaws, albeit in therapy or in rehab.

The Mad Men star admitted himself into a 30-day treatment facility for alcohol addiction in February 2015, and tells Mr. Porter's The Journalthat rehab "works."

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"It has all these connotations, but it's just an extended period of talking about yourself," Hamm explains. "People go for all sorts of reasons, not all of which are chemically related. But there's something to be said for pulling yourself out of the grind for a period of time and concentrating on re-calibrating the system. And it works. It's great."

The 45-year-old actor also finds that seeing a therapist is "very helpful."

"I know the English are a lot more skeptical about it than Americans are, but maybe after Brexit, you'll change your minds," he quips.

Hamm notes that it was the death of his father that first got him to see a therapist. "After I'd lost my dad, I had this horrible paralyzing inertia -- and no one in my family was capable of dealing with it," he shares. "So what do you do? Go and see a professional. I preach it from the mountaintops. I know it's a luxury and it's not something everyone can afford. But if you can, do it. It's like a mental gym."

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While Hamm is quite candid about seeking professional help, he's not so open to talking about his split from Jessica Westfeldt, who he dated for 18 years. "It's very personal and specific and I think people tend to draw their own conclusions about that anyway," he deflects.

While it appears Hamm is a single man in his 40s, he's not against starting a family of his own, though it's also not a priority. "I don't think it's necessarily an imperative. I'm not going to psychoanalyze myself here, but… well, never say never," the Emmy winner adds. "I've got nieces and nephews and I've been a teacher. I've probably been around kids a lot more than all my friends. I feel if you shut that off entirely you calcify. You turn into that guy."

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