EXCLUSIVE: 'Grey's Anatomy' Star Giacomo Gianniotti Dishes on Possible New Love Triangle


The 'Grey's' hunk also spoke to ET about his stellar Italian cooking skills.

Could there be more between Dr. Andrew DeLuca and Dr. Jo Wilson? Grey’s Anatomy hunk Giacomo Gianniotti dished on the docs’ deepening new bond!

Following last week’s episode, the pair sparked talk of a potential hot new Grey’s hook-up, which saw DeLuca (Gianniotti) and Jo (Camilla Luddington) lean on each other in the wake of Alex’s (Justin Chambers) brutal attack on DeLuca in last season’s finale.

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However, Gianniotti teased that any potential romance between DeLuca and Jo will be slow-burning.

“Andrew feels like an outcast at this point,” the 27-year-old actor told ET while volunteering at My Friend’s Place, a non-profit based in Los Angeles, on Friday. “He’s gone through this really hard thing and doesn’t have anybody to talk to about it, so in Jo he sees an ally, comrade and someone who not only understands where he’s coming from, but was actually there.”

Gianniotti shared that fans have made their desires clear to him for the two Grey-Sloan docs to couple up.

“People keep asking, ‘Are they getting together?’ and ‘Is it a romantic thing?’ and it could develop into that, but right now it’s a friendship -- two people who are happy to have someone to talk to,” he explained. “Alex might beat me up again if I go for his girl! So I would ask Andrew to tread lightly in that direction.”

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The Italian-born Canadian actor added that DeLuca’s storyline this season has been intense so far. DeLuca was hospitalized with horrific facial injuries Jo’s former beau, Alex, assaulted him after misreading a situation at her apartment.

“We don’t get a lot of fighting, so that was a fun part of the [season 12] finale,” Gianniotti said of the dramatic fight between DeLuca and Alex. “I had never worked with such extreme prosthetics before, so that was interesting. I was in the make-up chair at 4 a.m. for three hours and the team was incredible. But I was also happy to have it off when it was done.”

Ian Bailey

Gianniotti is putting his time away from Grey’s to good use as a spokesperson for My Friend’s Place, a resource center providing programs and services to homeless youth. Based in Hollywood, the organization helps struggling locals in need hot showers and professional attire for job interviews, to singing and fashion design workshops.

The actor handed over a check for $15,000 raised by the Grey’s cast in a Tough Mudder run earlier this year, and his ongoing efforts will be recognized at a benefit on Wednesday, where he will receive the Champion of the Year honor.

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Before handing over the check, the former Reign star served up scrambled eggs with a side of acting advice to hungry locals at a free breakfast event at the center. As for his own breakfast-making skills, the actor is prime husband material, boasting that he knows his way around the kitchen and can whip up a mean Italian feast.

While mornings involve a simple croissant and cappuccino, his culinary skills go into full effect at night.

“For dinner I would do spaghetti with shrimp, lobster and arrabbiata sauce, which is a spicy Italian tomato sauce,” he shared. “I love cooking. I’m very much in touch with my Italian roots, so I’m not hesitant to say that I’m a very good cook!”

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