EXCLUSIVE: Kim Zolciak-Biermann Sounds Off on Social Media Haters, Reveals the One Thing She'll Never Post

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Kim Zolciak-Biermann is known for clapping back at her haters online.

“All my fans are there,” the reality star tells ET. “I feel like it's a direct way for me to communicate with some of them. I also feel like it's a real way for me to really communicate with them.”

Kim’s usual outlet to address mean comments about her and her family is by ranting on Snapchat, but she says she only pops off when she feels the trolls have gone too far.

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“I'm a Taurus, right?” Kim says. “So, I'll take it, and I'll take it, and I'll take it, when it comes to me, anyway. When it comes to my kids, you got about a very small window, and then I just blow up. It makes me so mad that people take time out of their day to write a nasty comment … You're making a conscious effort, decision to type this out to me, or my daughter? That's what really stresses me out and puts me in a very bad place, is when you're talking about my daughter.”

Kim’s 19-year-old daughter recently took over Bravo’s Instagram page, and her photos were flooded with comments attacking her appearance, intelligence and life choices. 

“Brielle's very strong, very confident,” Kim shares. “It's just who she is. I worry more so about [my younger daughter] Ariana, because she's very sensitive. She's 15, she just started high school. She doesn't really want to be on social media. A lot of people come after me saying I favor Brielle [over] Ariana, but Ariana doesn't really want to be on social media. I respect that for her.”

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“She has her own social media, like, her own little secret pages,” Kim clarifies. “She can only get on social media with [my husband] Kroy and I, when we're there, because it really does affect her, reading comments. And I can't constantly be on social media deleting them. I do the best that I can. But I definitely worry about her.”

Kim says her husband keeps her in check, too, telling her when to pull back. Ironically, he doesn’t have social media himself -- which explains how Kim gets away with posting sneaky snaps of the 31-year-old football star rocking speedos and walking around their house in the buff.

“He doesn't know what I do,” Kim shares with a smile. “Until he gets a Google Alert.”

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While she does share a lot of her life online, and on the family’s reality show, Don’t Be Tardy, Kim says there is one thing she’ll never post on any of her accounts.

“My master bedroom,” she confesses. “My master living area has never been on Don't Be Tardy, this house. We built it, so I feel like our heart and soul is in it. It's a very sacred place. And my closet, too … even my posts that I do on Instagram or what have you is taken in front of a mirror in my closet. I don’t show the whole thing.”

You can see the rest of Kim’s house every week on Don’t Be Tardy, which airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo. For more from our chat, check out the video below.