Lady Gaga Puts on Her 'Poker Face' While Being Interviewed About Donald Trump: 'I Have Nothing to Say'

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Lady Gaga's famous 'poker face' was on full display Friday.

The "Perfect Illusion" singer was a guest on BBC's Breakfast, and while chatting with host Charlie Stayt about the upcoming election, she remained silent when asked about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

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"In the USA right now, in the midst of a presidential campaign, which is brewing to be pretty divisive, you've declared your backing for Hillary Clinton," Stayt said. "There will be a new president, and it could be Donald Trump."

After a moment of awkward silence, she finally chimed in, exclaiming, "I have nothing to say of him."

"I think what's important is for us to decipher what is honest and what is dishonest," she continued, "and be accepting of those things and not operating from fear."

Judging by the way she was scratching her knee and the armrest on her chair, you could tell Mother Monster was holding back words.

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"I'm intrigued that you literally won't say anything about him," Stayt said, digging further into the issue. "You have endorsed Hillary Clinton. What is it you think that she is going to do for the USA that he will not?"

"I think she will do a good job," Gaga said, after 10 seconds of silence. "Some people want to win races. Other people want to be President of the United States."

"It's about the intention," she added. "I believe that will reveal itself. People are smart and I am hopeful that our nation is coming together. There's a lot of young people that really, really love each other, and if we can re-establish that human connection, and get everyone to start speaking, I believe this divisiveness can change."

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Following the interview, BBC Breakfast took to Twitter, asking their followers, "Does silence speak volumes?"

Fans were quick to comment, writing things like, "Considering @ladygaga has been outspoken re misogynists, sexual predators and the like, I think her silence was justified," "silence is Gaga-golden," and "silence can often speak volumes."

Gaga isn't the only celebrity whose made it clear she's voting for Clinton on Nov. 8. A slew of stars have endorsed the Democratic presidential nominee, including Modern Family star Ariel Winter.

During an exclusive sit-down interview with ET on Thursday, the 18-year-old actress slammed Trump for the lewd comments he made about women with then-Access Hollywood host Billy Bush in a leaked video from 2005.

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"I think it's really disappointing that we've made so many strides towards promoting body positivity for women -- and for men -- and for empowering women, and he really kind of just tears it all down," Winter dished. "I think it's really disappointing that he's made it this far -- that he is a presidential candidate, and this is possibly the person who will be representing the United States."

Hear more in the video below.