EXCLUSIVE: Beyonce's Dance Captain Ashley Everett Recalls 'Amazing' On-Stage Proposal

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It’s not everyday you get proposed to on-stage with Beyonce. Such is the life of Bey’s dance captain Ashley Everett.

The 27-year-old dancer and actress (and Beyonce’s longtime squad member) got the surprise of a lifetime when Bey paused a performance of “Single Ladies” during a Formation World Tour stop in St. Louis, Missouri, last month, so that Everett’s boyfriend, dancer John Silver, could put a ring on it in front of the packed crowd.

“It was incredible and the most amazing moment of my life,” Everett tells ET during a joint interview with Silver. “I was just trying not to embarrass myself in front of all those people in the live audience and then everyone with their phones and cameras.”

What's more, the epic moment that sent the Beyhive into a frenzy but actually took months to pull off.

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“It's funny because I actually had the ring three months before the whole process took place,” Silver recalls. “[The production was] actually so busy because they had so much stuff going on… They finally called me maybe two or three weeks before and were like, 'We have some room for you, so if you want to do this, let's do it.' And I'm like, ‘Absolutely let's do it.’”

The proposal was a full circle moment for the two -- St. Louis is Silver’s hometown, and of course, Everett starred alongside Beyonce in the “Single Ladies” video.

“I talked to the choreographers and I said, 'Yo, we have to do it during ‘Single Ladies,'” Silver says. “Then, of course, the creative went through the roof and then they finally got back to Bey and she was like, 'Hell yeah, let's do it.'”

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Everett was just 17 years old when she was first scouted by Beyonce’s team, opting out of continuing her Juilliard education to tour with the megastar. “I was a girl when this started,” Everett shares. “She’s just a huge inspiration in my life and so many others, obviously. But I wouldn’t take it back for the world.”

So it’s only fitting that Beyonce played a major part in this next chapter of Everett’s life.

“We did get a moment with her to say thank you and stuff and she was like, ‘I'm so happy for you guys. Congratulations,’” Everett gushes.

Even Jay Z got a chance to congratulate the newlywed backstage. “You can tell they're really excited and happy for [Ashley],” Silver says.

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The couple say they are taking their time to make sure the wedding is exactly what they want it to be, but they aren’t completely ruling out a special performance from Queen Bey herself on the big day.