Jim Carrey's Artistic Soul is Beautifully Bared


Jim Carrey has experienced a lot of firsts in his career – first box office smash (1994's Ace Ventura: Pet Detective), Hollywood's first $20 million paycheck (for 1996's Cable Guy), first Golden Globe win (1998's The Truman Show) – but his latest first marks a personal milestone for the trailblazing actor.

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Carrey has been giving the world a glimpse inside his New York City art studio for months on his groundbreaking website, JimCarreyTruLife.com, and now he's put those works on display in his first-ever art show, which is receiving rave reviews!

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Palm Springs Life gushed ("the funnyman possesses fine art chops," they wrote) over his 40-piece show, each of which express an exciting and essential element of the actor's soul.

"When I'm involved in creation, whether it be a movie, a painting, a joke, a song, or a sculpture, it stops the world for me," Carrey says in his artist statement. "At best, I think an artist's work also stops the viewer from thinking, worrying, or dressing what they are looking at with their mood or interpretation, bringing them into presence as well."

One of the most unexpected elements from Carrey's triumphant presentation was a video projected onto the gallery's cement floor that featured musician John Mayer playing the guitar while Carrey worked on One Last Push, a piece described as "emotionally wrenching."

"We met at Saturday Night Live," Carrey says. "I love the energy he brings. He's one of the greatest guitar players of our day."

Now, ETonline can exclusively reveal a snippet from the vibrant video featuring highlights of Jim painting -- including the one session John Mayer attended. Watch!