Tom Hanks Raps 'Down Down Baby' From 'Big' as If It Was Yesterday -- Watch!

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The 60-year-old actor continues to prove he's a total badass!

Tom Hanks continues to be a total badass!

While promoting his new film, Inferno, in Florence, Italy, Hanks was interviewed by filmmakers Wesley Chan and Philip Wang, who documented their epic meeting with the star in a short video for their YouTube channel Wong Fu Productions.

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After a few quick questions, Wang ends the interview by asking Hanks if he would rap with him the famous "Down Down Baby" song made famous in the 1988 hit film, Big.

Hanks enthusiastically agrees and, without skipping a beat, recites the entire rap song with as much gusto as he did 28 years ago.

Watch the full rap session below. 

On Monday, the 60-year-old actor stopped by the Late Show, and joined host Stephen Colbert to spoof another scene in Big. This time, Hanks finds Zoltar, the film's fortune-telling machine, and asks it to make him 30 years old again.

"I learned being older isn't always what it’s cracked up to be — a lesson I'm constantly learning every day at my age," Hanks says to the machine. "Just yesterday, I tried to jump on one of those big floor pianos and do a dance; I swear I heard my hip snap."

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Zoltar, played by Colbert, isn’t as willing to grant him another wish, as he did the first time around. In fact, Zoltar seems to constantly confuse Hanks with his Toy Story co-star, Tim Allen. Watch the video below as the two eventually work out a deal. 

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