EXCLUSIVE: Kim Zolciak-Biermann Opens Up About Wanting a 7th Child and Keeping Her Marriage Strong

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Kim Zolciak-Biermann and her husband, Kroy, are ready for a seventh child… maybe.

“I love being a mom,” Kim tells ET. “I have [19-year-old] Brielle with me here in LA, but the other five are at home, 'cause they're in school ... and I really miss them. I'm like, 'Kroy, are you sure you don't want more?'”

“But, put me back in the house for three days and it's like, I'm good,” she adds. “Six is enough. Three and three is perfect. They're healthy, and I don't ever want to push the envelope. We'll see. We always talk about, when Kroy's finished in the NFL and I'm finished with TV, it would be nice to just have a baby, and enjoy it and not go back to work seven days after you have one.”

Having another baby is a major storyline this season on the family’s reality show, Don’t Be Tardy. For now, the couple is concentrating on the six they already have. The reality star says family is her focus above all else -- the Biermanns spend as much time together as possible.

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“I'm very traditional,” she says. “Christmas in my house is massive … Tradition’s really big in my house, you know? We try to have dinner as much as we can, at least four times a week. No cell phones at the dinner table. Like, Halloween, trick-or-treating with them, we do it all. We take them to school every morning, we pick them up from school. We're just very normal. We don't have a whole bunch of staff, like everybody thinks. And I think that's important, so they can remember -- I mean, we're raising our children.”

Kim does have some help with her brood, including a nanny, but is adamant she and Kroy tackle the majority of their parental responsibilities.

“We're together 24/7, for sure,” Kim shares. “We don't go out with our friends. We don't go to bars. It's really about, you know, him, me and our family.”

Kim says that focus on family also keeps her marriage strong. The key to her and Kroy’s relationship is being invested, 100 percent.

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“We're in it, you know?” she says. “It's not really work for us. I'm very attracted to him, so that's easy. Check that off. He's really such an incredible husband. He cooks, he cleans, he helps me with my shoes, he'll fix my wig, whatever -- you name it, he does it.”

“For example, if I’m doing the dishes, and he bathes the babies, and they all go to bed … then Kroy and I have the time together,” Kim continues. “Otherwise, I would still be doing the dishes and then I wouldn't have that time with him. So, it's really important that, when the kids do go to bed we have that one-on-one [time].”

The couple is getting more time together now that Kroy is not playing in the NFL. The former Atlanta Falcons player signed onto the Buffalo Bills for a short time this summer before being dropped by the team.

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“He wants to be back on the field,” Kim says. “The NFL is so interesting. He's played, obviously, for the same team his entire career, eight years … At this point, it's like, we have so much going on. He wants to be back on the field, he hopes to be back on the field, and he's not ready to retire. But we'll see.”

Keep up with Kim, Kroy and the Biermann bunch every Wednesday night on Bravo, when Don’t Be Tardy airs at 10 p.m. ET. For more from our chat with Kim, check out the video below.