Andrew Garfield Shares Mel Gibson's Terrifying Halloween Tradition

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Andrew Garfield happily signed on to have Mel Gibson direct him in his gritty World War II film, Hacksaw Ridge, but nothing could prepare the young actor for a Halloween night with the Oscar winner.

On Wednesday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Garfield revealed that Gibson is a master at getting into character both on and off screen.

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Last Halloween, during a break from shooting Hacksaw Ridge in Australia, co-star Vince Vaughn bought silly masks for the three men so that they could have a night out on the town while remaining relatively anonymous, but Gibson took things a step further.

"Mel shows up and we get in the car with him and he gets out this mask. It's like a Mission: Impossible mask," Garfield recalls. "It's the most detailed. Imagine your face but on Mel Gibson's face. And he can talk in it and it's like flushed to his face. The mask kind of looks like a lumberjack from Oregon or something."

The mask was apparently realistic enough that people believe it's actually Gibson's face.

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"It's so good that we would be at a bar or whatever, and he would be talking to someone with the mask on, and this person thinks they are talking to a lumberjack from Oregon," Garfield said.

According to Garfield, Gibson had strangers deceived so deeply that he would snatch the mask off when their backs were turned and they would be startled when they turned around to see Gibson's face on the body of who they thought was a lumberjack from Oregon.

In fact, the mask also threw off a few Gibson's good friends, which once ended in painful results.

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"He would prank his friends with it," Garfield said. "He would have his friends over and there was one time he had this male friend over and they were looking at his book shelf ... he kind of goes away and comes back with the mask on. Then he came in in this kind of threatening way and his friend, who is this big, built guy, punches him in the face hard enough to the point to where Mel was laid out. Mel was like laughing his ass off, and takes the mask off and he's like bleeding all over his face."