Alicia Keys Goes Makeup Free for 'V' Magazine, Talks Natural Beauty

V Magazine

The 35-year-old singer flaunts her fresh-faced look for the publication's November 2016 issue.

Alicia Keys is keeping with her no-makeup trend for V magazine's November 2016 issue.

Besides flaunting her natural beauty on the cover, Keys opens up about the double standards faced by working women, going makeup-free, and more.

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"I think that it's definitely tricky being a woman," Keys shares. "You go to work, and it’s like, if you don't put on makeup that day people say, ‘Oh, you look so tired!’ It's not only the entertainment industry, it's not only the film industry, it’s not only the fashion industry, it's not only every job that anyone works at or every magazine that everyone has read, it's a collective consciousness."

Despite the fresh-faced look that Keys has been rocking these days, the 35-year-old musician made it clear that she’s not anti-makeup.

"There's nothing you could do to take away this unbelievably innate beauty that lives inside of you as a woman because we are the most spectacular creatures that were ever created," she explains. "The most incredible thing is that all women are beautiful."

V Magazine

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Keys also discusses a separation that she sees in America. "There's definitely an imbalance," Keys notes, adding, "And I think that we’re all feeling that imbalance, to be honest."

Music, however, may be the key to bridging gaps and helping people understand each other’s differences. "I love how much we all can identify with music," Keys says. "Whether we're artists or just working at the post office, music is our life."

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