Bill Murray Celebrates With the Chicago Cubs After Team Ends 108-Year World Series Drought

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If Bill Murray could make Groundhog Day a reality, he'd probably use it to relive Wednesday night again and again.

And why wouldn't he? The 70-year-old actor's beloved Chicago Cubs ended a 108-year World Series drought, until Wednesday night the longest in Major League Baseball history -- by defeating the Cleveland Indians (who interestingly, now hold the distinction of most seasons without a World Series victory) 8-7 in the 10th inning of Game 7.

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Murray and other stars -- such as Bonnie Hunt, Eddie Vedder, John Cusack, Amy Schumer, and Lebron James -- attended the game, which was basically as exciting and anxiety-inducing as it could have possibly been. And while Cubs fans clearly rejoiced, it's hard to believe that anyone was having quite as much fun as Murray, who was swigging champagne with the team that finally brought home the championship.

Here he is getting a bottle sprayed in his face by Cubs President of Baseball Operations, Theo Epstein.

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And then things started to get really emotional.

"You believed in something that actually was true," a teary-eyed Murray told St. Louis Post-Dispatch sports columnist Jose de Jesus Ortiz. "The whole city, all its fans are validated ... Dreams come true."

"We'd become such great losers. Good sports," he added. "I just hope we're good winners."

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Congrats, Bill, and congrats to all the loyal Cubs fans out there! Enjoy this day!

Watch the video below to see how Parks & Recreation actually predicted this historic victory.

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