EXCLUSIVE: Carrie Underwood Spills on Her Guilty Pleasures: 'I Love a Good Glass of Red Wine, For Sure'

The 'Dirty Laundry' singer also talks gearing up for the holiday season and son Isaiah's favorite song!

Carrie Underwood
, she's just like us!

(You know, except for the fact that she's a super gorgeous music superstar and all.)

The 33-year-old revealed her totally relatable guilty pleasures in a new interview with ET on Friday, admitting that she loves to spend her (very limited) downtime catching up on TV and sipping on some good grape.

"My guilty pleasures are so simple," she joked. "I mean, I love a good glass of red wine, for sure."

But fans who follow Underwood on social media know that even while trotting the globe to perform on her Storyteller Tour, there's one show she absolutely will not miss: The Walking Dead.

"I know what's happening!" she said. "Sunday night, it's like, I find a way to watch the show."

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On Friday, Underwood hit the stage to perform for more than 700 military families on the new Carnival Vista cruise ship, which will make its maiden voyage in the USA this week. The celebration was part of Carnival Cruise Line's commitment to working with service men and women through Operation Homefront.

"It's important I think for all of us at some point to be able to sit back and say thank you to our military families," Underwood said.

"Our military families have members that spend a lot of time away from their families," she continued. "Family time is important and the families are back home trying to keep everything going, keeping it all together when their loved ones are away. So for them to be able to spend some time aboard a Carnival Cruise line ship and get to have that time together, is just really important. I'm glad to be here, glad to be a part of it, glad to say thank you."

For her part, Underwood is looking forward to some special family time of her own this holiday season.

"I need to start buying Christmas presents and thinking what on Earth are we gonna do about Christmas!" she admitted. "I have not even thought past our tour. It's always one step at a time."

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And while she's been fortunate enough to have her 1-year-old son, Isaiah, with her on the road, she admits that he's never seen one of her performances!

"Isaiah sees soundcheck [but] he's always in bed by the time I go on stage, which is good," she said, adding with a laugh: "I'm just Mom to him and I think that's really cool. He'll see stuff on TV, he'll see a commercial or something or get to come to soundchecks. He just probably thinks that's normal!"

Turns out, those soundchecks have been enough to teach the little one the words to his mom's latest hit.

"Right now he's started singing 'Dirty Laundry,' so it's really cute to hear him sing, 'Dry, dry, dry,'" she adorably revealed. "He definitely loves music and he loves to sing. He sings a lot of gibberish or songs he hears on the radio or TV, but he's also a very physical baby. He's always climbing on stuff and running and jumping."

Could Isaiah be groomed for a career in music or sports, like Underwood's NHL-playing husband, Mike Fisher? One thing's for sure, he'll have the best mentors around.

"I might be worried about him playing hockey if he didn't have probably the best teacher ever," Underwood gushed. "He'll be taught properly."

Last month, while being honored as one of CMT's Artists of the Year, Underwood opened up about how she and Fisher are planning to expand their family. See the interview below!

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