Matthew McConaughey Turns 47! 13 Times He Was Our Spirit Animal

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Alright, alright, alright!

Matthew McConaughey turned 47 on Friday, and while the Interstellar star "just keeps getting older," it's important to remember that each passing year brings new wisdom and McConaughey-isms that we as a society are better for having.

It can be difficult to put into words what we love about the enigmatic celebrity, especially because most times, no one says it better than the man himself.

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Here are 13 times McConaughey spoke to us all on a deep, true level.

1. When he taught us to find your own beat.

This is maybe the only good advice to be gleaned from Wolf of Wall Street.

2. How he makes us remember to be ourselves.

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Somehow, it seems unthinkable that this man would ever experience a moment of self-doubt.

3. When he made things so alright, you had to say it three times.

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The carefree, short phrase is basically synonymous with McConaughey at this point.

4. This tragically true fact about growing up:

"The older you do get, the more rules they're gonna try to get you to follow."

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5. How he analyzed his children -- Levi, 8, Vida, 6, and Livingston, 3 -- on a truly deep level that we could never be capable of.

"[Levi is] the architect. Levi observes, Vida sees, Livingston does," he told People in June. "[Levi is] the most considerate person I know but he loves to measure the anatomy of the situation. Very much a perfectionist like me. Vida just makes sense of situations. She cuts right to the nut of the answer real quick…Then Livingston is the doer. He's the monarch."

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6. And then taught us how to fall for the person you love over and over again.

"Jones. A club on Sunset Blvd," McConaughey revealed to People of the place he and wife Camila Alves first met. "I've been wanting to go on a date with her for the last nine years, and never wanting to go on a date with anyone else."

7. When he taught us to never forget when it's time to kick back.

Chair. Ocean. Beer.

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8. To always be gracious.


Because giving thanks, like many other things, never goes out of style.

9. Always be there for your family.

Also, see Emily Blunt's amazing story about actually being at her citizenship ceremony with McConaughey and his wife.

10. And when he taught us that helping out is a family affair.

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The couple and their three children stopped for a family photo while delivering food for Meals on Wheels.

11. When he showed us what supporting your team is all about:

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In life, you have to find your own Texas Longhorns, and support them with the tenacity that McConaughey does for his beloved team.

12. And we can't forget his bonkers college commencement speech that contained too much wisdom to mention.

Getty Images

These graduation seniors got a life lesson that truly no one else could have delivered.

13. And of course, the best advice he ever gave:

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Happy birthday, Matthew McConaughey!

Also it should be noted that McConaughey and Alves are the cutest couple ever.

Watch the video below to see why his family didn't think she'd marry him!

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