Inside Mariah Carey and James Packer's Prenup Negotiations: Planes, Jewelry and Clothes

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ET has more details about Mariah Carey and ex-fiance James Packer's prenup, which the two were negotiating before their very public split.

A source tells ET that the prenup -- which would have dealt with everything from what's considered "gifts" between the two, to the use of Packer's private plane, to how much money Carey would have gotten for every year she was married to the billionaire businessman -- was being negotiated but was never signed. Parties involved in the discussions "were trying to be responsible," the source says.

According to the source, the prenup included Carey receiving $6 million per each year of marriage -- or $151,385 per week -- though with a maximum $30 million total payout. The source also says the prenup allowed for Carey to get a credit card from Packer for her and her staff to use, though they had yet to agree on the amount she couldn't exceed every month.

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As for gifts, the source describes the prenup as stating specifically that no item of jewelry or personal adornment costing over $250,000 would be considered a gift, unless accompanied by a writing distinctly stating, "This is my gift to you." However, presents exchanged between the couple for their engagement, wedding or on birthdays and anniversaries would be considered an exception to the rule. As ET previously reported, Carey is planning to keep her $10 million engagement ring from Packer.

The source describes the prenup as also stating that Carey would be allowed to use one of Packer's private planes for her personal use with her nannies and her children, however, he would have to OK the trips.

Interestingly enough, the source says the prenup dealt with Carey's clothing budget. Packer apparently agreed to purchase certain clothing for Carey, but they had yet to agree upon a maximum amount he would pay. The clothing he bought, however, would expressly not be used for business or for any of her performances, and Carey would have to provide all clothing for her two children with her ex-husband, Nick Cannon -- 5-year-old Monroe and Morocco.

The negotiations in question were still very much ongoing, the source says, and so fluid that "different things were thrown out" at various points.

"These were items that had been discussed at some stage but were never near final," the source notes.

Carey and Packer's relationship also didn't end because of the unsigned prenup, according to the source, but rather, because "things didn't work out."

Last week, a source told ET that Packer was willing to marry Carey without any prenup. "He felt that ultimately he didn't need a prenup. He was going to marry her without a prenup," the source said. "He loved her so much and wanted to make her happy."

The abandoned prenup is now a point of contention. Carey feels she is owed the $50 million she believes was discussed in the prenup negotiations -- despite never actually tying the knot.

"She wants an 'inconvenience fee,'" the source said. "He moved her across the country and relocated her and her kids. He made promises to her that weren't fulfilled."

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However, another souce countered this, and told ET that "this whole $50 million thing and other noise is a distraction to try and rationalize what she is asking for" in terms of asking for an "inconvenience fee."

For more on the fallout from Carey and Packer's breakup, watch the video below.

--Additional reporting by Carolyn Greenspan

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