Stephen Baldwin Talks Supporting Donald Trump, Reveals Conversation with Brother Alec on the Election

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Stephen Baldwin is doing a little gloating when it comes to his older brother, Alec Baldwin.

Stephen, an outspoken Donald Trump supporter, appeared on Good Morning America on Thursday, when he shared the conversation he had with Alec prior to the election. Alec, a Hillary Clinton supporter, skewered Trump in his Saturday Night Live portrayal of the billionaire businessman in the months leading up to the election.

"I had a fun conversation with Alec a couple weeks back, like, literally at his house, home with the kids, floating in the swimming pool, having a good time and he said, 'So, your boy's basically handing us this election don't you think?'" Stephen recalled. "And I went, 'I got a funny feeling you need to be more prepared for a Trump president than I do a Hillary president.'"

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Trump, of course, is now officially the 45th president of the United States. Stephen had a sense of humor about being one of the few celebrities to openly endorse Trump, when GMA anchor George Stephanopoulos commented that the election results were a rejection of the "elite," including elite Hollywood such as his brother.

"Me and Scott Baio baby, that's it!" Stephen said with a laugh.

Though on a more serious note, the 50-year-old actor acknowledged that there are plenty of people who share his brother's unhappy sentiments about the election.

"And the thing that is so overwhelming to me this morning is that I stayed at Mr. Trump's hotel last night with all the protesters outside, and it really freaked me out because I can be all excited and happy about the outcome, but then it was a wave of reality to see there's folks out there that still don't agree with all this," he shared. "And this is what makes the country so amazing, is that right now we the people -- all of us -- have an amazing opportunity to demonstrate the greatness of our freedom, of our vote, and the opportunity to really do our best and pay it forward and do the right thing."

"Last night, as much as I wanted to say to a bunch of young people, 'Hey, stop, everybody, can't we all just get along?' I realized that I have to respect those people. I have to respect them. [But] if you agree or not, the cool thing to do is really give Mr. Trump the opportunity," he added.

Stephen was also at Trump's election victory party at New York Hilton Midtown on Tuesday night, where he described the mood as Trump pulled off an upset over Clinton.

"People were just as shocked as people who didn't vote for Mr. Trump," he admitted.

As for Stephen's current relationship with Alec, he joked that he might need GMA anchor Michael Strahan's intervention.

"I might need you Michael, I might need you," he said with a laugh, to which the former Live! host quipped, "You're on your own with that one."

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Alec tweeted his candid thoughts about the presidential election on Tuesday, writing that the American political system is "broken."

"I was taught in college that Americans choose their President like they choose laundry soap, w a knee-jerk brand loyalty devoid of reason," he also tweeted. "The billionaire Republican businessman is close to winning the race and world markets are crashing. He's all yours, America. He's all yours."

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