John Mayer Is Releasing a New Single Next Week

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John Mayer
is diving back into the pop music pool.

The 39-year-old "Gravity" singer is making good on his promise to release new tunes, announcing that his next single, "Love on the Weekend," will be released on Nov. 17.

Mayer revealed the news in a simple Instagram post, featuring pink and yellow hues.

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ET caught up with the musician and his band, the John Mayer Trio, at the 15th Annual Jazz Foundation of America Gala benefiting elder jazz and blues musicians last month, where the Trio's drummer, Steve Jordan, accidentally revealed the name of the upcoming album.

"The last time when we first came together for tsunami relief we were starting the Continuum album, and so now we're doing this relief and it's in the middle of, or finishing John's newest album, The Search for Everything," Jordan shared.

"Actually that’s the first time.... Steve has announced the record now twice, the name of the record twice, and I have not told anybody," Mayer said.

"Oh! Oops," Jordan said, biting his fist.

See the interview below!

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