EXCLUSIVE: Wendy Williams Blames Mariah Carey's Split From James Packer on the Singer's 'Diva Antics'

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Wendy Williams seems to believe that Mariah Carey only has herself to blame for her recent split from billionaire businessman James Packer.

"Mariah, I told you he wouldn't marry you," Williams said while showing ET's Jennifer Peros her massive closet. "I told you your antics would make him sick."

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Carey was engaged to marry Packer until their relationship publicly ended in October.

"Because of Mariah's diva antics, I want to send her a box of cats, because with an attitude like that, no man is going to stick around," Williams continued. "They'll go out with you, but it's not going to last. No man wants all this all the time. Tone it down. Put on a t-shirt. Get the wings. Eat with your fingers."

Williams, who will celebrate 20 years of marriage with husband Kevin Hunter next year, later clarified that Carey just hasn't found a compatible partner yet to go along with her lifestyle and temperament.

"I don't think Mariah needs to change who she is, but she needs to find the right person who would put up with that mess," she said. "Bad for her love life, but great for our watching."

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While the wedding has gone out the window, Carey's $10 million engagement ring has stayed. The singer plans to keep the 35-carat sparkler that Packer gave her when he proposed back in January.

"I don't think she should keep it in ring form or even in whole form," Williams weighed in. "What she should do is take a hammer and crunch it up at the jeweler store and make a really beautiful pair of cat eye glasses. You know? Bedazzle them. Or how about a dog collar? Or maybe a collar for one of the cats? They're going to need to look beautiful, because that's all she's going to have to keep her warm at night."

While the two might have different view on relationships, they both have an eye for fashion. Williams described her style in three words: "Fun, flirty and fitted."

Surprisingly, the TV host's colossal walk-in closet contains items in almost any price range.

"Everywhere from a $15 dress that might have been on sale at a department store, all the way up to outerwear that we pay thousands for," Williams said.

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And even though the TV personality has her own fashion line with the Home Shopping Network, she still looks to fellow stars for inspiration.

"Jennifer Lopez's style, I love," she gushed. "Sarah Jessica Parker's style, I love. Victoria Beckham's style, but let me just preface by saying, 'I love these women's style' doesn't mean that it's right for me. I don't fill out jeans the way Jen does, nor does she fill out a blouse the way I do. And Victoria Beckham, the way she does it by never smiling and all. I'm just not that cool, but it's fun to watch her be the cool, mean, rich lady."