Lena Dunham Says She 'Never Truly Believed' Donald Trump Could Win the Presidential Election

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"It wasn't supposed to go this way. It was supposed to be her job," Lena Dunham recalls tearfully telling her boyfriend, Jack Antonoff, after Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election to Donald Trump earlier this week.

On Friday, the Girls star broke her silence about the new president-elect in an emotional essay titled "Don’t Agonize, Organize" that was sent to her Lenny Letter subscribers. "As horrifying as I found Donald Trump’s rhetoric, as hideous as I found his racism and xenophobia, as threatening to basic decency as I found his demagogue persona, I never truly believed he could win," she writes.

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Dunham says that while campaigning for Clinton  she "received threats and abuse at a level I could not have imagined,” and notes that mentions of her on Twitter "went from rude to downright violent.”

"We wanted a female president. We wanted guaranteed control over our own bodies," she continues. "We wanted equal pay. That made us nasty. That made us targets."

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The days after the presidential election have left Dunham in a state of mourning, but next week, she says, "we fight."

"Now, more than ever, our power is in numbers and in our refusal to accept the idea that our leaders intrinsically know what's best for us, better than the people we meet every day," she declares, calling for a "revolution."

Dunham also expresses her gratitude for Clinton. "Thank you for 30 years of public service. Thank you for showing our daughters something beautiful to aspire to," she writes. "Thank you for reminding us what we are capable of when we are focused and ferocious. Thank you for 30 years of that. Thank you for not abandoning us now."

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Dunham concludes, "We will not be governed by fear. We will show our children a different way. We will go home like shooting stars."

The Golden Globe winner isn't the only celebrity to express shock over Trump's win. From Katy Perry to Alec Baldwin, here's a look at how Hollywood reacted to the election:

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