Diane Keaton Repeats Outfit on 'Ellen,' Has Giggle Fit After One Sip of Wine


Hey, if it works, work it! Diane Keaton visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show, airing Monday, where the quirky actress was up to her usual antics.

After host DeGeneres complimented the seasoned star’s style, she stood up to show off her white, flowing dress, saying, “I bought this in Europe. I was there. I went to Wimbledon.”

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DeGeneres then shared a hilarious pic of Keaton, 70, at the annual tennis event, screaming in the stands while wearing an almost identical ensemble.

“Do you think they’re going to put me away in the mental institution? There’s something wrong with wearing the same dress so many times,” Keaton said of her matching white frock, black scarf, and bowler hat looks. “Oh, I’m going to cry.”

The pair, who co-starred together in Finding Dory, had a blast on the show, goofing off as DeGeneres poured Keaton some of her own brand of wine.

“I don’t want to get carried away. I’m not an alcoholic!” Keaton exclaimed afraid to take a single sip.

She finally did partake and when conversation turned to talk of her new house, things got even sillier.

“Now, I’m having fun because this is beginning to kick in!” Keaton declared, pointing to her wine.

“You didn’t even have any yet! What do you mean it’s kicking in?” DeGeneres asked, laughing.

Keaton did take a serious moment to talk about the best film she’s ever been in.

“It has to be Annie Hall because Annie Hall gave me this,” she said of the 1977 Woody Allen classic. “This is why I’m on the Ellen Show.”

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The host agreed, complimenting Keaton’s performance, saying, “You’re you!”

“That’s the problem!” the actress quipped.

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