James Packer's Former Fiancee Advises Mariah Carey to 'Play the Game' If She Wants to Win Back the Billionaire

Packer's former fiancee, Kate Fischer, says there's a way for Mariah Carey to win back the billionaire's heart if she wants to reconcile.

James Packer's former fiancée, Kate Fischer, says there's a way for Mariah Carey to win back the billionaire's heart if she wants to reconcile.

In an open letter published by New Idea, Fischer writes that she had a "real sense of déjà vu" when she heard that Packer and Carey had called off their engagement. She then goes on to give the GRAMMY winner some "advice."

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"If you really want him back, play the game," Fischer writes. "Let him make the key decisions and you may well live happily ever after as Mariah Carey Packer."

Carey was engaged to marry Packer until their relationship publicly ended in October, while Fischer split from Packer in 1998 after five years together. Fischer points to Packer's parents and entourage as hurdles that got in the way of their relationship. She describes Packer's late father, Kerry, as "intimidating," and writes that his mother, Ros, "isn't the easiest woman to impress."

What's more, Fischer claims that along with butlers, chefs and associates Packer surrounded himself with, he also had a personal valet who rarely left his side "even in the bedroom."

"In the end, for me, it all came to a head after I realized that as much as I loved James, I could never be happy being Mrs. Packer," Fischer writes.

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While Fischer was quick to give her unsolicited pointers, there has been no indication that Carey wants to get back with Packer, and she has kept her head held high through the breakup.

On Friday, Carey was spotted in a skintight bodysuit out partying with one of her backup dancers.

Last night, Carey and her 5-year-old twins, Monroe and Moroccan, shared an Instagram video showing the family getting into the holiday spirit.

"Merry Christmas," the kids said, posing for a picture.

"But it's not even Thanksgiving yet," Carey corrected them.

"Thanksgiving then it's Christmas!" Moroccan announced.

"Yes!" said Carey.

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Another of Packer's exes is moving on as well. Erica Packer, who was married to the Australian billionaire from 2007 until their separation in 2013, is now dating Seal.

Watch the video below to hear Wendy Williams' take on the Packer/Carey split.