Megyn Kelly Says Daughter Was 'Afraid of Donald Trump,' Recalls 'Security Issues'

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Megyn Kelly reveals how her family was affected by her feud with president-elect Donald Trump during the 2015 republican primary presidential election.

On Tuesday's Good Morning America, Kelly said that her dispute with Trump led to "security issues" for herself and her family, and uncomfortable questions from Yardley, who was "afraid" of him. "She is five and she hears things in this world," Kelly explained, adding that Yardley did not know about her mother's run-ins with Trump. "One of the lowest points was when she came home and asked me what a bimbo was."

"It was a test of me as a person and a professional," she continued.

In August 2015, Kelly found herself at the center of the primary election after Trump, then a Republican presidential hopeful, unleashed a series of verbal attacks against her after she moderated the first GOP debate.

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While Kelly called Trump "vindictive," "thin-skinned" and at times "mean spirited" during her morning show interview, she insisted that their meeting later on in the election was a turning point. "My own experience with him proves he’s able to let things go if he so chooses," she noted. "He came after me like a dog with a bone for nine months but, finally, when I went to see him at Trump Tower, and believe me I was not conciliatory towards him, we got past it."

That being said, Kelly admitted that neither of them said sorry during their meeting. "I neither apologized to him nor did he apologize to me," she recalled, adding that that their interaction was "very cordial" and worked as a "reset of sorts."

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The Settle For More author continued, "I went over there and I walked in, he gave me a nice greeting, he hugged me. It was bizarre to be hugging this man who had tried to torment me for nine months and who had endangered my security."

Kelly appeared to had made amends with Trump in January when she told ET that she had "no conflict and no bias against" him.

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