Dwayne Johnson Makes His Hilarious 'Sexiest Man Alive' Debut on 'Ellen'

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Dwayne Johnson knows it's been a long road to becoming the "Sexiest Man Alive."

The 44-year-old actor -- who's just been officially crowned People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive -- recently dropped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show, airing Tuesday, when the show hilariously showed a montage of Johnson's questionable style during his younger years.

... Who can forget his infamous black turtleneck, fanny pack combo?!

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Later, DeGeneres debuted the Moana star's People cover, and Johnson adorably couldn't help the giant smile on his face.

The action star also talked about being a dad to his two daughters, 15-year-old Simone and 11-month-old Jasmine, and how his appeal to women is sometimes brought to his attention in very "inappropriate" times.

"It's always the most inappropriate time, like, during the press line, or when I have kids around me, [I'll hear] 'Hey, you're my mom's hall pass, dude!'"

"'What, really? Show me a picture of your mom,'" Johnson jokingly said he replies. "No, I'm kidding… I'll consider it."

ET talked to Johnson at the Moana premiere ahead of the big reveal, when he gave his coy reaction to chatter that he's this year's SMA.

"If I were to be named the Sexiest Man Alive, how would I feel? I would feel great," he told ET, careful to not give away anything before the announcement. "I would feel cool, and that's an awesome thing."

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"I would still have to get in my pickup truck every day and drive to work," the father of two added. "I would still have to change Jasmine's diapers every morning as good daddies do, but I would do it in a way that's, what's that word? 'Sexy.' Yes."

Watch more of our interview with Johnson at the Moana premiere, including how he feels about showing off his singing voice in the new Disney film, in the video below!