EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Phillippe Opens Up About How He and Ex Reese Witherspoon Co-Parent During the Holidays

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During the holidays, divorced couples who share kids have a tricky balancing act when it comes to co-parenting. But for Ryan Phillippe and his ex-wife, Reese Witherspoon, it seems the former couple are on the same page.

"As a divorced dad we trade off, so last year my kids and I went to my parents in Delaware, this year they will be with their mom and I am shooting a movie up in Toronto," Phillippe told ET of his Thanksgiving plans at the Innocence Project Benefit gala in New York City on Tuesday. "I am going to fly down to Philly and just have a Thanksgiving with my parents and the kids get to be with Reese."

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Phillippe, who got divorced from Witherspoon in November 2008, shares two children with the Oscar winner -- 17-year-old daughter Ava and 13-year-old son Deacon.

While the two don't double up for Thanksgiving, Phillippe praised his ex for being "healthy about how we do things."

"You have to get to that point as a divorced parent, as any parent, where you’re not putting yourself first," he said. "You want the kids' experience to be its own and not like, 'Well, I need to have my time!' We have been very good about that."

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Phillippe, who is an Innocence Project Ambassador, was in the Big Apple on Tuesday to be
honored for his work with the organization, which exonerates the wrongly
convicted through DNA testing and reforms the criminal justice system
to prevent future injustice.

“I found this to be a charity that I could get behind, that I knew
there was no divide regardless if you’re a Republican, a Democrat, rich,
poor – there is no one who could argue with the fact that an innocent
person should not be in prison," Phillippe told ET.

"To me, it’s a no brainer in terms of something to support because I
have never found a person who has anything negative to say about what
this charity is trying to do.”

The actor and filmmaker recently starred in a short film, The Circle, shot entirely on a remote-operated drone and went on to talk to us about his kids, marveling at his son's prowess at flying drones.

"My son is arguably probably even better at operating and piloting than I am, because that is just the way it is [with] children and technology – they take to it like a fish in water. We over a certain age have to really concentrate," Phillippe, 42, joked.

As for what's next up next for him career-wise, Phillippe says he will be shooting a new film and working on some side ventures.

However, one project fans have been dying to see for years is a Cruel Intentions reunion or sequel, and Phillippe said he'd be "way into it."

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"I am still in touch with Roger [Kumble], the director of Cruel Intentions. I would love to find another piece where I could be that light, comedic, flippant master of the character again," he explained. "I would like to do something like that. I just enjoyed shooting that, every day."

While Phillippe doesn't seem himself getting involved in a future sequel or TV reboot – and wasn’t involved with the Cruel Intentions pilot that was recently in development at NBC -- he said he'd "love to find something with the same creative team that had a similar vibe."

Currently, the actor is starring in the TV reboot of the 2007 action thriller Shooter, airing Tuesdays at 10 p.m. PT on USA.

Reporting by Darla Murray. 

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