'The Shining' Star Shelley Duvall Looks Unrecognizable, Reveals Mental Illness on 'Dr. Phil': 'I'm Very Sick'


Actress Shelley Duvall looks completely unrecognizable in a new interview, and reveals she's been struggling with mental illness.

The 67-year-old actress, best known for her role opposite Jack Nicholson in 1980's The Shining, recently sat down with Dr. Phil for an episode airing Friday. In a promo for the episode, Duvall is called a "near recluse." The last film she's worked on is 2002's Manna from Heaven.

Duvall says she's seen the late Robin Williams -- who she co-starred with in 1980's Popeye -- since his death in 2014.

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"I don't think he's dead," she says.

When asked where she thinks Williams is, she replies, "Shape-shifting."

She also claims that the "Sheriff of Nottingham" has been threatening her, and that there's a "worrying" disc inside of her.

Later, she acknowledges her current struggle.

"I'm very sick," she says. "I need help."

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In October, actress Amanda Seyried opened up about dealing with OCD and anxiety, and advocated for mental health to be taken as "seriously" as other diseases.

"I'm on Lexapro, and I'll never get off of it," Seyfried told Allure, referring to the antidepressant used to also treat anxiety. "I've been on it since I was 19, so 11 years. I'm on the lowest dose. I don't see the point of getting off of it. Whether it's placebo or not, I don't want to risk it."

"A mental illness is a thing that people cast in a different category [from other illnesses], but I don't think it is," she added. "It should be taken as seriously as anything else. You don't see the mental illness: It's not a mass; it's not a cyst. But it's there. Why do you need to prove it? If you can treat it, you treat it."

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