Ryan Gosling Is Really Not Into His Infamous 'Hey, Girl' Meme: I've 'Never Said' That

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Looks like Ryan Gosling isn't a fan of his own mega meme fame.

The handsome 36-year-old actor is basically the equivalent of the Internet's boyfriend, but in a new interview, he sets the record straight on his super popular "Hey, Girl" meme.

"I've never said that," he tells Variety, referring to the popular phrase now associated with him.

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"Do you remember when Fabio got hit in the face with a pigeon on the roller coaster and it broke his nose?" he later muses when asked to elaborate on his internet fame. "Sometimes I feel like I’m the pigeon and the internet is Fabio’s face. ... Actually, I don't know if I’m the pigeon or I'm Fabio's face. Depends on the day, I guess."

Gosling's close pal and La La Land co-star, Emma Stone, also clearly doesn't understand the internet's fascination with Gosling.

"I don't even understand," Stone says, telling Gosling, "I mean, you're great but why have you become this -- why?"

The father of two eventually did take control of his own name on social media a few years back, getting a verified Twitter account.

"I got a Twitter because some guy was pretending to be me," he explains. "Someone told me, 'I follow you on Twitter, you’re tweeting all the time!' And that day that person had tweeted: 'Just had a taco downtown. Gotta love those Mexicans.’ I was like, 'All right, this has got to stop.'"

Though it wasn't all love from the fans.

"Immediately, I started getting angry tweets saying: 'You're a bad you. The other guy was a better you,'" he hilariously shares.

This isn't the first time Gosling has expressed confusion about his "Hey, Girl" meme. He addressed it during a panel at South by Southwest last March for his directorial debut, Lost River. "I understand if you're in a movie and you say something like 'I'll be back,' you gotta own that," Gosling told the crowd. "But I never said it. I go on the street and some guy goes, 'Hey, girl.'"

In May, ET spoke to Gosling's The Nice Guys co-star, Russell Crowe, who gave his own thoughts on the beloved meme -- which he adorably had trouble understanding.

"He makes me feel so old sometimes, because he's explaining it to me and I'm like, 'Dude, I just don't know what you're talking about,'" Crowe admitted. "He explained it to me again and I'm like, 'Is this from a movie or something?' And he goes, 'That's the point!' It's like, what? One more time? It took him days."

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But now Crowe's all about Feminist Ryan Gosling.

"I give it to everybody," he joked about the popular book. "It should replace the Gideon Bible in most Motel 8s or Motel 6s, whatever they are now. Motel 14s if you put them together."

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