Blake Lively's Advice to Young Women: 'Don't Let Anybody Silence You'

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Blake Lively is encouraging young women to not be afraid of using their voices, in the wake of this year's presidential election.

"Just to use your voice," Lively told during the L’Oreal Paris's Women of Worth event in New York City on Wednesday.

"Don't let anybody silence you, ever, and it's about spreading love, you know?" the 29-year-old actress said."Because that's the easy thing to do right now, is to say—women, you get angry or you get upset or you get hurt and you want to lash out, but what we're combating is hate. So it's about spreading love and using your voice."

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Although her newborn and 2-year-old daughter, James, are too young to "understand anything" in regard to politics, Lively shared discussed being a role model for her children.

"You just have to set an example, you know? It's so important," she shared, adding, "In times like this you can either curl up and be really depressed about the state of communities that are underserved, or you can set that example for your children. You just have to figure out how; that's the hardest thing. If somebody just had a playbook and they said, 'this is what do,' but it's about making that extra bit of effort."

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The night marked Lively’s first pubic appearance since giving birth to baby No. 2 in late September. See more on her red carpet return in the video below.