Ariel Winter Gets New Tattoo With Older Sister

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Ariel Winter made her latest trip to the tattoo parlor a family affair.

The Modern Family star shared on Snapchat on Thursday night that she was getting a tattoo, along with her older sister, Shanelle Workman-Gray. "When your sister is bomb AF and gets one too," she captioned a photo of Shanelle getting inked.


While Winter did not reveal the finished product, her sister did snap a selfie of their matching tats. "First tattoo matching sister. One of the most important people in my life with a matching tattoo of a very special date ❤️ tattoo," Shanelle wrote.

In October, the 18-year-old actress shared with ET that three of her tattoos are dedicated to her family, including Shanelle. In 2012, her sister was granted temporary custody before Winter was officially emancipated from their mother.

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"This is October 3rd, 2012, which is the day I moved in with my sister, and it kind of started a new chapter in life for me, so it was really important," Winter pointed to a tattoo on her arm when speaking to ET.

"My sister's one of the most amazing people in my life. She's my best friend. She's really the most important person to me. She has done so much for me, and has taught me so much."

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Winter added that her body confidence is largely due to Shanelle. "She was always that person who felt amazing about herself regardless if she was going out in sandals and socks, or to the grocery store in her pajamas, or if she was going to an event in a ballgown," she explained. "She always felt so amazing about herself, and she was always such a beautiful person inside out, and really inspired me to be just like her. She was always there to support me and make sure I felt beautiful and special anywhere I went."

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