Jon Gosselin's Lawyer Says 'Whole Story Is Not Being Told' After Kate Speaks Out About Son Collin

According to the father of eight's lawyer, he's "very upset" about statements made by his ex-wife.

Jon Gosselin isn't taking too kindly to his ex-wife Kate Gosselin's recent remarks.

The Kate Plus 8 star sat down with Good Morning America on Monday and responded to claims made by her ex-husband to ET that she would not disclose to him the whereabouts of their 12-year-old son, Collin, but only said that he was "in a special school for special needs kids with behavioral problems."

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"We are both court ordered not to speak about the care and custody of our children in detail," Kate said on GMA. "I've known all along where [Collin] is, but the world doesn't know, and I'll leave it at that."

Jon's lawyer confirmed in a statement to ET that there is a gag order on the former couple's custody case. "Unfortunately, Kate has shown very little regard to the order, choosing to ignore it if it suits her," attorney Kristen Doleva-Lecher said. "Jon will strictly abide by the order unless and until it is lifted."

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According to the statement, Jon is also "very upset by certain statements made to the press" by Kate, and feels "the whole story is not being told."

"My client is a loving and caring father who is acting within the scope of the law to do what is best for his kids," Doleva-Lecher concluded.

When speaking with GMA, Kate was asked to respond to Jon saying he wanted to take her to court in hopes of learning the whereabouts of Collin. "I've lost track of how many times he's said that," she said of Jon threatening legal action. "I'm really focused less on what Jon has to say. I don't really pay attention, to be honest."

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